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LemonadeAmsterdam is a slow fashion brand for both grown up and little girls. They offer basic items which are all made in Holland. The brand offers amazing designs, very simple, clean and comfortable. After a meeting with founder and owner Nathalie Klok, we came to the conclusion that there was some interest from different bloggers, but she wanted to have a clear strategy in PR. For this we started with a press release to introduce the brand and their philosophy to different media. The next step was to create some online attention and we worked together with Kindermusthaves, amongst others. After sending the press release, several editors replied that they were very enthusiastic about the brand and wanted to do an interview or write about it. This resulted in quite a few articles in Textilia, Kek Mama, Flair and JAN magazine and online on the Little’s List Facebook page and

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LemonadeAmsterdam is a Slow Fashion label for women and girls who wish for a simple but adventurous life. They offer basic items with a little bit more, they call this a TWIST. Like adding some Lemonade to your glass of water, just to give it that something Extra. Their basics are perfect with a jeans and sneakers, to visit your favorite coffee corner or with a black leather skirt and high heels to impress your boss. LemonadeAmsterdam dreams of a world more simple & slow. That’s why they design & sew in their hometown Amsterdam. As simple as that!