made to measure
“Also, tailor-made. Fashioned to fit a particular need or purpose, very suitable. Originally referring to clothes made to fit a particular person very precisely, these terms have been used figuratively since the mid-1900s.”

MADE TO MEASURE PR is founded by Rosalie Schouls. After graduating from the Amsterdam Fashion Institute, she started her career in Fashion PR. She worked many years for different PR agencies specialized in Fashion – Lifestyle brands and handled many clients such as adidas, Reebok, Mistral, GUESS, Palladium, Conny Groenewegen, Marije de Haan and Modefabriek. This way she build up a strong (inter)national network of media relations that still remains steady and up-to-date therefor in April 2015, she made the decision to work as a freelance PR consultant and started MADE TO MEASURE PR, it’s all about a made-to-measure PR strategy. After many conversations with starting brands and companies she came to the conclusion that many start-ups and established brands prefer a flexible collaboration.

At MTM PR the client is offered different options to build a custom PR plan which is executed within a certain timeframe. This way we can skip the longterm contract agreements and work together on a project base and even more tempting, we work with a fixed fee on every project. This way it’s possible to work on a single event, project or (product) launch. Since the start in april 2015, MADE TO MEASURE PR worked for several upcoming and established brands, such as FILA, le coq sportif, Belweder, TAJ Amsterdam, PERRY, 10TIEN bags, Lemonade Amsterdam and Double Dutch lingerie.