BOOMlamp | www.hello-boom.comDrawn from a young age to design, designer Erwin Slierings has developed a recognizable and distinctive style that developed into a unique product for the interior design market. He combined natures element with modern day components resulting into a lamp that as a base is existing out of a sourced plantation teak stem from Costa Rica then incorporated with the modern day touch of LED light strips that give it’s minimalistic look. It was essential for BOOM to have more brand awareness on the Dutch market, so we initiated a PR offensive that reached out to interior magazines, websites and bloggers. We achieved that by writing up a press release introducing the brand to the necessary media and influencers. We have also organized collaborations between BOOM and online media, bloggers the results were astonishing.


About BOOM /
BOOM is a young creative design agency which is focused on designing and manufacturing high quality design stem lamps existing out of 100% plantation teak sourced from Costa Rica. The unique and innovative designs of BOOM are a refreshing product and there goal is to continue to amaze the market with their unique designs. They want to keep their product as up to date as possible when it comes to energy saving lighting because of this BOOM is able to provide sustainable products now and in the future.


FILA decided in June 2015 to launch a new collection named ‘The Classics‘. For this launch MTM organized a breakfast session with press to introduce them to the new collection and really connect to the brand. June the 2nd we held a presentation in the barbershop / exposition space MAGAZENE. The highlight of this presentation was the relaunch of the new FILA The Cage sneaker (inspired by an old archive piece) in several colors. Attending media during this event were editors from ELLE, Fashionlab, Women’s Health, Online Sneaker Magazine, Ballinnn’, Glamcult and many others. The Cage was well received what resulted in a lot of exposure in many well established media outlets. To get an impression of this breakfast session, follow this link. To build on the success of the event we wanted to follow up and develop strong imagery for The Cage sneaker, so we decided to initiate a shoot with photographers duo Meis Belle Wahr & Jip Merkies and stylist Lisa Megens which turned out into strong campaign imagery that suited the aesthetic and brand identity. Want to know more about this campaign, click here.


About FILA /
FILA is one of the world’s oldest and biggest sports brands. It was founded in 1911 in Biella, Italy by the Fila brothers. The brand was originally an underwear manufacturer and launched its first sports collection in 1973. The iconic F-box-logo (the rounded F in a square box) and The Flag – the streamlined FILA trademark – represent the brand’s rich history. FILA has been a trend-setting name in the tennis world for decades: world-famous champions including Björn Borg, John McEnroe, Boris Becker and Monica Seles all wore FILA when they celebrated their first victories. The brand is also well-represented in basketball, skiing, golf and mountaineering. In the wake of the unforgettable successes in the 1980s and 1990s, FILA is currently making a comeback with shoes and other collections that recall the illustrious past. Craftsmanship and hyper-modern designs go hand-in-hand with a vibrant and relaxed style. The storied sports history forms the backdrop for a modern and unique sneaker collection with a touch of vintage.


Beauty brand Belweder was introduced in the Netherlands in 2015 by two men who have a background in the pharmaceutical industry. Belweder is originally from France and the number one lip care product in Russia, a country so cold you cannot live without lip care protection. With the introduction to the Dutch market came a complete new productrange: Bewelder Balm. This product was tested by several beauty editors from different media outlets. All tests came back positive and all were enthusiastic about this product. I have been using the product myself for some time now and in my experience the product ticks of all the boxes I desire of a lip balm. The exterior is a definite eye catcher and the balm doesn’t shine, smells or is sticky. The introduction was very successful and resulted in some amazing features.

Belweder |

About Belweder /
Belweder has been developing high quality care products for both men and women. Starting point with the development of new products is to provide high quality and fair trade product in the international market. Innovation is the key word. Belweder has deliberately chosen to focus on the countries where the weather conditions are far more extreme than in the Netherlands. After a revolution within the lip care market, Belweder grew out to the number one brand in Russia when it comes to cosmetic care in the luxury pharmacy segment. To this day, the mission of Belweder has remained unchanged. Every day their international team is working on the development of high quality products where millions of people worldwide could benefit from.


YUNIT campaign

YUNIT campaign | Photography by Meis Belle Wahr & Jip Merkies

During the summer of 2013 TEES was founded by Josine Castelein. She envisioned a tee wearable for both men and women. She developed this idea into practice and 1,5 year later she was selling at 30 retailers throughout the Netherlands but she felt it was time for something new. The collection expanded with more designs and TEES wasn’t covering the brand content anymore. A new name was necessary and so YUNIT was born to celebrate this we organized a press day at MAGAZENE in Amsterdam with editors, stylists and journalists. During the press day we liaised and had the opportunity to introduce the founder of Yunit to the well known photographers duo Meis Belle Wahr & Jip Merkies who were attending the event, what resulted in them collaborating on the new campaign of YUNIT.


About Yunit /
YUNIT’s designs are clean, comfortable and high quality with a eye for detail. The brand offers the perfect basics for both men and women. The regular fit of YUNIT is based on the anti-fit the rotating side seams, diagonal fabric direction and oversized shoulders create a comfortable fit. In the meantime the collection was completed with new designs including a sleeveless top and sweater. Prints were being added to the designs but to maintain the clean aesthetic they chose for dotted prints and stripes.


Iedereen waagt zich aan wat baltrucs

Photography: Sabine Henzing

Aktiesport is a well-known lifestyle and sportswear store in the Netherlands. In 2015 it was time for the concept to improve and create a new store concept. Within this concept, they focus on “Start your Sport”. Which means they offer a full sportoutfit for the lowest price. This way people get more motivated to start a sport. Next to this they also offer the biggest collection of official replica soccer shirts from national and international clubs. The new contemporary interior contains a lot of black and metal details. Digital screens make sure that brands like adidas, Nike and PUMA can create a full (visual) in-store presentation. The new stores are equipped to serve the target customer, males between 13 and 23 years old. For the opening of the first flagship store on October 24, 2015 MTM PR was asked to create some rumor online and coverage in trade press. Aktiesport arranged for Jaïro Riedewald (promising soccer talent at Ajax) to officially open the new store and give the go on releasing 110 adidas soccer balls into the crowd. We managed to get some good pieces before and after the opening including an interview with Textilia, an article on Schoenvisie and we collaborated with two bloggers; Chloe Sterk and Everyday Fresh.

Aktiesport |

About Aktiesport /
Aktiesport opened its first store in Gouda in 1983. This store offered the well-known sports brands at very competitive prices. The idea was to give the consumer as much value for their money as possible, a formula that was quickly picked up. The following years they opened many new stores. In the beginning of 2016, Aktiesport was the largest independent sports retail chain in The Netherlands, with 262 stores. Mid 2016 the unfortunate news came that Aktiesport’s parent company went bankrupt, but it didn’t take long for a new owner to come along. Today JD Sports Fashion Plc is the new owner of Aktiesport.