Sisters Loes en Lenne started their own fashion brand in 2016 by making choker necklaces of vintage men ties. This became a success and one year later they introduced their first womenswear collection “Double Vision”. MTM PR was asked to assist on PR and reach out to a select group of influencers to help promote this collection. The result was outstanding! ELLE and Grazia picked up the collection straight away, famous tv presenter Nellie Benner and sport & health expert and editor in chief of Jip Isabel de Jongh were very enthusiastic about the brand and promoted the Søster collection on their Instagram pages. A few weeks later the menswear collection was launched and even before this collection was launched we already had a fan; Tim Hofman. With influencers like this spreading the news, we can expect a lot more for the following seasons.




A year ago, FILA was about to launch a new product and since the campaign for the release of The Cage was a big success, they asked MTM PR again to gather a team of creatives and come with an idea. So we did! As some of you may know my (very talented) little brother was still living in London at that time and he was the man for this job. Together we came up with a concept for an editorial with the new FILA Grunge style. We didn’t want to use regular models but wanted to tell a story with ánd through the photography. We asked 3 young and very talented artists if they wanted to participate in this story. After finding the perfect team in London (thanks to Jesse from T.P.C. Amsterdam), the first shooting day was planned with Hannah. She is a ballet dancer in London at The Royal Ballet. The shoot was a big success (above this article you can watch the behind the scenes video) but the evening after the shoot we got the news that the parent company of FILA for The Netherlands was in ‘bad weather’. The next shoot was on hold and a few days later the news came that the parent company went bankrupt. We never got to finish the job but we still had this badass editorial of Hannah. After a few months, we all decided to release the editorial on our own channels because this concept needed to be shared! Enjoy!

Credits // Photography – Nas Abraham // Hair & Make-up – Rebecca Keates // Styling – Jesse Stokkel T.P.C. Amsterdam // Model – Hannah Jayne Grennell // Concept development – Rosalie Stokkel  MADE TO MEASURE PR 



TAJ Heritage Collection | Photo by: Nanda Hagenaars | Model: Patty Luijt

TAJ Heritage Collection | Photo: Nanda Hagenaars | Model: Patty Luijt

During the launch event of YUNIT we came in contact with the founders of a jewelry brand called TAJ (Trouw Aan Jezelf). TAJ is founded by Choanou and Shardey Aalders, two amazing women who are also sisters. These sisters shared a vision and started designing their own jewelry collection. After that, they’ve set up a silversmith workplace in Bali led by, of course, women! A beautiful story which needed to be told, so soon after we met, we made a plan to get the brand under the attention of several editors and influencers. For the founders of TAJ it was very important to get feedback on the collection as well, so we’ve made a little tour visiting several editors, bloggers and influencers. After many appointments and sending out press materials, we’ve made the first step informing media about this amazing brand led by even more amazing women. Some of the results can be found here and you can visit their blog and online shop for even more inspiration and off course to get your own TAJ jewel! Their new Heritage Collection is available from August 18th.


About TAJ Amsterdam /
Taj is a Dutch lifestyle brand that has been designing unique, sustainable jewelry with a story since 2013. And what a story it is. Dutch design, created by two free-spirited sisters and handmade with love out of the finest, recycled silver & gold under fair circumstances on Bali. Taj is a melting pot of ideals and cultures and a passion for design, sustainability and development cooperation.
Our pieces are a bold brew of Dutch design and traditional Balinese craftsmanship. Each piece of jewelry has its own unique product-story and ‘go-to quote’ that remind you of a life’s philosophy, personal message or feeling. Also, each piece of jewelry is a talisman for the basic ideal of Taj: live life true to yourself, cause nobody can be you better than you. Hence our name: Taj [t-a-sh] (noun & verb) Sanskrit for jewel and short for ‘Trouw aan jezelf’, which means ‘True to yourself’ in Dutch.

Another Taj ideal is that everything is better when shared. That’s why we donate part of our revenue to charity : an orphanage in Bali and the Dutch project ‘Tree of life’ that plants trees in Togo, West Africa. Taj now plants several trees a month.
Because Taj loves mother earth –the people, the animals, the mountains, the oceans and forests– Taj aims to leave a minimal carbon-footprint. That is why all our jewelry is made from recycled silver & gold. We call it ‘tree-hugger-glamour’, and wouldn’t have it any other way.


LemonadeAmsterdam PLAYdress
LemonadeAmsterdam is a slow fashion brand for both grown up and little girls. They offer basic items which are all made in Holland. The brand offers amazing designs, very simple, clean and comfortable. After a meeting with founder and owner Nathalie Klok, we came to the conclusion that there was some interest from different bloggers, but she wanted to have a clear strategy in PR. For this we started with a press release to introduce the brand and their philosophy to different media. The next step was to create some online attention and we worked together with Kindermusthaves, amongst others. After sending the press release, several editors replied that they were very enthusiastic about the brand and wanted to do an interview or write about it. This resulted in quite a few articles in Textilia, Kek Mama, Flair and JAN magazine and online on the Little’s List Facebook page and

LemonadeAmsterdam |

About LemonadeAmsterdam /
LemonadeAmsterdam is a Slow Fashion label for women and girls who wish for a simple but adventurous life. They offer basic items with a little bit more, they call this a TWIST. Like adding some Lemonade to your glass of water, just to give it that something Extra. Their basics are perfect with a jeans and sneakers, to visit your favorite coffee corner or with a black leather skirt and high heels to impress your boss. LemonadeAmsterdam dreams of a world more simple & slow. That’s why they design & sew in their hometown Amsterdam. As simple as that! 


FILA decided in June 2015 to launch a new collection named ‘The Classics‘. For this launch MTM organized a breakfast session with press to introduce them to the new collection and really connect to the brand. June the 2nd we held a presentation in the barbershop / exposition space MAGAZENE. The highlight of this presentation was the relaunch of the new FILA The Cage sneaker (inspired by an old archive piece) in several colors. Attending media during this event were editors from ELLE, Fashionlab, Women’s Health, Online Sneaker Magazine, Ballinnn’, Glamcult and many others. The Cage was well received what resulted in a lot of exposure in many well established media outlets. To get an impression of this breakfast session, follow this link. To build on the success of the event we wanted to follow up and develop strong imagery for The Cage sneaker, so we decided to initiate a shoot with photographers duo Meis Belle Wahr & Jip Merkies and stylist Lisa Megens which turned out into strong campaign imagery that suited the aesthetic and brand identity. Want to know more about this campaign, click here.


About FILA /
FILA is one of the world’s oldest and biggest sports brands. It was founded in 1911 in Biella, Italy by the Fila brothers. The brand was originally an underwear manufacturer and launched its first sports collection in 1973. The iconic F-box-logo (the rounded F in a square box) and The Flag – the streamlined FILA trademark – represent the brand’s rich history. FILA has been a trend-setting name in the tennis world for decades: world-famous champions including Björn Borg, John McEnroe, Boris Becker and Monica Seles all wore FILA when they celebrated their first victories. The brand is also well-represented in basketball, skiing, golf and mountaineering. In the wake of the unforgettable successes in the 1980s and 1990s, FILA is currently making a comeback with shoes and other collections that recall the illustrious past. Craftsmanship and hyper-modern designs go hand-in-hand with a vibrant and relaxed style. The storied sports history forms the backdrop for a modern and unique sneaker collection with a touch of vintage.