A year ago, FILA was about to launch a new product and since the campaign for the release of The Cage was a big success, they asked MTM PR again to gather a team of creatives and come with an idea. So we did! As some of you may know my (very talented) little brother was still living in London at that time and he was the man for this job. Together we came up with a concept for an editorial with the new FILA Grunge style. We didn’t want to use regular models but wanted to tell a story with ánd through the photography. We asked 3 young and very talented artists if they wanted to participate in this story. After finding the perfect team in London (thanks to Jesse from T.P.C. Amsterdam), the first shooting day was planned with Hannah. She is a ballet dancer in London at The Royal Ballet. The shoot was a big success (above this article you can watch the behind the scenes video) but the evening after the shoot we got the news that the parent company of FILA for The Netherlands was in ‘bad weather’. The next shoot was on hold and a few days later the news came that the parent company went bankrupt. We never got to finish the job but we still had this badass editorial of Hannah. After a few months, we all decided to release the editorial on our own channels because this concept needed to be shared! Enjoy!

Credits // Photography – Nas Abraham www.nasabraham.com // Hair & Make-up – Rebecca Keates www.rebecca-keates.squarespace.com // Styling – Jesse Stokkel T.P.C. Amsterdam www.t-p-c.amsterdam // Model – Hannah Jayne Grennell // Concept development – Rosalie Stokkel  MADE TO MEASURE PR